Monday, April 14, 2014

Life with 2 kiddos

We are the happy parents of 2 kiddos now, but soon to be 3 in June!  Mallory is my oldest daughter who is currently 3 1/2 years old and Trevor is 21 months old.

Mallory is just about as sweet as can be and has a HUGE heart!  She wants everyone to be happy.  She is also the most adorable little girl around!  With her blue eyes, dark blond hair with curls at the bottom, and her pale white skin, she's just about as beautiful as they come!  Mallory is so active!  She has a very hard time sitting still, which makes Sacrament meeting during church, the hardest 75 mins of our week. Dinner time every night is a battle to get her to sit still and eat at the table with us, but going out to eat is most always a nightmare.  Mallory also struggles with listening to what mommy and daddy say to her (like most 3 year olds, I'm sure).  She always means well, but since she is so active, she hates hearing she has to sit down, so she usually struggles with listening to us when we tell her to not do something.  Mallory LOVES being a helper!  She often offers her help.  One of the best things about Mallory is that she is a SOCIAL BUTTERFLY!  She often waves and says hi to strangers and will even start a conversation with them if they allow her.  She adjust to most circumstances and thrive in them.  Such as, nursery at church, preschool, her sports class and even in her gymnastics class. She is a joy and we love her more than words can describe!
Mallory 4/5/2014

Trevor 4/13/2014

Trevor is also the sweetest little guy!  He melts our hears daily with is adorable laugh and smile.  Trevor isn't as social as his big sister is.  He needs his mommy or daddy by his side almost always.  At times that can be hard, but other times it's nice to feel needed!  Trevor is a HUGE daddy's boy!  He loves being with and around his daddy.  When daddy isn't around Trevor seems to be pretty happy with his momma though!  He LOVES his big sister and finds almost everything she does funny!  One if his favorite things to do is wear shoes!  Mostly his sister's shoes!  He also loves hot wheel cars and carrying them around everywhere.  His favorite thing to eat is peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Most days he'll also enjoy hotdogs.  He doesn't like most fruits or vegetables, but he does love smoothies!  Trevor isn't saying may words yet, but he's great at: no, hi, hello momma, dada, more & milk.  He's been saying a lot of other words, but they aren't as clear as the others.  I just have a feeling that Trevor will be our family's little calmer.  He makes everyone happy and we love him so much!

Mallory & Trevor 3/3/2014

Mallory and Trevor play so well together!  Together they laugh a lot, like watching movies together, like to chase each other, and give each other kisses.  With Mallory being the BIG sister she can find herself bossing Trevor around but don't worry, this little guy will stick up for himself!  His favorite word is "NO!" and let me tell you, he knows how to use it!  We'll quickly remind Mallory to say "it's okay Trevor" and whether he's mad or sad, if she says that he'll calm right down with his big sister's gentle touch.  I truly believe Mallory and Trevor will be best friends forever!

Mallory & Trevor 3/20/2014

Sunday, May 19, 2013

United States Puzzle

Below is a video of Mallory doing a puzzle of the States. The video is from April 20th of this year. Also, Trevor can be heard in the background cheering on his big sister.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Matt is married!!

Saturday December 8th my brother-in-law, Matt, got married to one of my friends, Sam.  Back in 2008 Sam and I were in the same singles ward and became good friends.  In 2011 I set her and Matt up on a blind date. Boooa bing, botta boom...they got married this past Saturday :)

Momma Jones and her family came down to babysit my kids while we were in Matt & Sam sealing.  Thank you Momma Jones, you'll never know how much that meant to us! :)

Mr. & Mrs. Matthew Millburn!
Mallory adoring the bride

Mallory with her newly married uncle Matt

Brotherly love

Me, the matchmaker!

Mallory with daddy

Mallory having a ball with her cousins

The triplets

Ron with 3 of his 6 kids

5 of the 6 kids goofing around

Our sweet, very hyper toddler

This is how Trevor spent most of the reception.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Scary Santa!

Our ward Christmas party is the day of my brother-in-law's wedding (Dec. 8th) and we'll be in Utah for it, so we'll miss the party.  Another ward in the area had their Christmas party tonight (Nov 30th), so we went to their party just for Santa pictures!  The bishop's young son dressed up as Santa...haha.

Mallory is on a kick of saying everything is scary!  Scary sheep, scary airplane, etc...  So, it seemed appropriate for her to think Santa was scary!!  Her first glimpse of Santa was complete horror!  She was scared to death!  But, as soon as I said "let's have Trevor sit on Santa's lap", she realized that if we were going to put her little brother on this "scary Santa's" lap, then it must be ok for her to sit up there too :)

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Fun in February & March!

In February, on the 6th, I was 19 weeks along with this second pregnancy and it was time to have the big ultrasound to find out how the baby is doing and also to find out the gender.  Below is a nice picture of they baby's side profile.  If you aren't on facebook or don't follow me much on it, we found out that the gender is.......
A BOY!!!!!!!  See picture below...
Haha, isn't that so clear??!!  Haha, that's my boy!
Here are some February pictures...mostly of our beautiful, sweet baby girl, Mallory.  OH what a joy she is!
2/10/12  She is stunning!
2/10/12  Wow, she is beautiful!  And so much fun!
2/13/12  Just got her new potty!
Not a fan...yet!
2/14/12  Looking adorable on Valentine's day!  Her hair was pulled up to a full ponytail for the first time ever!
Here is the back...this was only possible with a gallon of water and hairspray :)
2/14/12  Sad about something...but still cute as ever!
2/14/12  20 weeks pregnant with our sweet little boy.
On the weekend of February 17th we made a quick visit down to Mt. Vernon...
2/17/12 Here's Mallory (looking mischievous) meeting her cousin, Leigha, for the first time!
2/17/12  Mallory & her cousin Landon playing.  What a cute pair :)
Here they are again...spin that thing!
2/17/12  My dad and step mom with all their grand kids (as of now.)
The kids together.  Landon is such a good big cousin!  Poor Leigha. She is not happy about this picture!  Haha!
And in March...

Here we are again in Mt.Vernon on the weekend of March 3rd (my mom's 51st birthday.)
3/2/12  Mallory with sweet Emma.  Emma is pretty much a cousin to Mallory.  She is my step brother's step daughter...did you follow that??  Haha!
3/2/12  Emma reading to Mallory.  Emma is SO good to her and Mallory sure does love Emma!
3/3/12  My mom made Mallory some homemade mac n cheese.  Mallory loves it!  Happy Birthday Nana!
3/3/12  Mallory loves to blow her nose!  She even makes the noise and everything!  So funny!
3/3/12  Here's my mom with her grand kids (as of now) on her birthday!  They love their Nana!
3/3/12  My mom and Step dad, Glen, with the kidos!
Back in Cleveland...
3/11/12  Mallory playing with some friends.  Maren Up top and Max in with Mallory.
3/11/12  Mallory with her buddy Max.  He lives just across the street.
3/16/12  Here's Mallory with her other good friend, Alena.  Alena lives just down the road from us.
3/17/12  Here I am in front of our apartment's front door.  24 weeks, 5 days pregnant.
3/18/12  Mallory looking like a doll before Church one morning :)
3/18/12  So cute!
3/20/12  Her toes pained for the first time!
3/20/12  Her hair in pigtails for the first time!  After the hair dried, she didn't look so 'devil'ish'.  Haha!
3/20/12  Swinging is her favorite thing to do at the park, just down the road from us.  Notice the pigtails...they don't stick up as much anymore :)
Loves to swing!
3/22/12  Out for a walk.  For a week, here in Cleveland, it was in the 80's!  Wow, it was awesome!
3/22/12  Enjoying the weather
So beautiful!
I was taking her picture and then showing her it on my camera's screen.  She loved it!
3/22/12  Cool dude!
Not sure of this sunglasses thing
LOVE this picture!
3/22/12  Enjoying herself outside with her monkey backpack.
3/24/12  DADDY'S BIRTHDAY!  (Oh, and she SO is a daddy's girl! Wouldn't you be if John was your dad??  He's the sweetest daddy out there!!)
3/24/12  Happy 29th Birthday honey!
Please enlarge this picture, if you can.  Mallory's hair is hilarious!  I put it in a full ponytail (first time since Valentines day) and within an hour it was crazy!  I tried using tons of hairspray, but it didn't help...haha!
3/24/12  John with his gifts.  Sweet Blue Jay's shirt, huh??
We don't hardly (at all) give Mallory sweets, but come on, it's daddy's birthday!  Wow, she went nuts over that cake.  (Don't worry, I took off all the icing.)

3/30/12  I bought this Browns Cheerleading outfit for $3 off of Craig's list!
3/30/12  We got super lucky and were invited to the Cavs vs Bucks game.  We were in a SWEET suite watching the game!  The picture above was our view from the suite.  We were spoiled with pizza, chili dogs, nachos, popcorn, chips, soda and dessert!  It was a BLAST!  We were very thankful for my mom and step dad for coming up to Cleveland to watch and put Mallory to bed for us.  What a fun night!
3/31/12  I bought a car seat stroller frame off of Craig's list.  I got out Mallory's old infant car seat to see if it fit alright, and look who wanted a ride.  We gave in and Mallory had a blast!  It was hilarious!
3/31/12  Mallory LOVES getting her back scratched by my back scratcher thingy
3/31/12  Look at that face...she is LOVING it!!
Don't you think it would be appropriate if we re-named this blog to "The life of Mallory Millburn"??  Haha!  We love our crazy, energetic, sweetheart baby girl so much!  She has blessed our lives more than we could have ever imagined!  We are really looking forward to July when our next bundle of joy joins our family!  And by the way, Mallory will be the best big sister!  She LOVES babies!